It's Real Nappy Week! Why our Bumfluff is great for Fluffy Bums


This week is Real Nappy Week, a celebration of cloth bots everywhere. Caring for the environment is at the heart of our philosophy, so we wanted to show our support by highlighting some of the advantages using real nappies brings, as well as sharing how our Bumfluff Organic Nappy Balm can be a cloth bot's best friend…


Whilst we totally understand that real nappies are not for everyone, the modern versions have never been easier to use and are well worth considering not just for environmental but for economic reasons too. The average saving on a baby wearing cloth nappies rather than disposables is around £500 for the time they are in nappies, and if the nappies are reused for a sibling this saving doubles! It is estimated that the carbon footprint left by using cloth is 40% lower than for disposables, even after factoring in the extra trips to the washing machine. And the bottom line...they look cool!


Many nappy manufacturers do not recommend the use of nappy creams with cloth nappies. This is because regular creams can be very heavy and greasy, and if they transfer to the fabric of the nappy they form a barrier that water cannot penetrate. This means that the absorbency of the nappy will be compromised, leading to leaks, and can also cause problems with washing as these heavy creams are difficult to remove from the nappy fabric. Using a nappy liner will help to some extent but with these thicker creams some of them will inevitably penetrate the thin liner and make contact with the fabric of the nappy. Many commercial creams are often petrochemical-based, which is why they are so heavy and clogging. They sit on the skin like an oil-slick, and whilst they do not let moisture in, they also do not let the skin absorb any moisture or let it breathe at all.


Bumfluff is different! Leaving the delicate skin of your little monkey's bottom unprotected in any type of nappy just doesn't feel right somehow, and most of us will want to protect this most sensitive of areas from any wetness. Our Bumfluff Organic Nappybf Balm is made only from pure organic oils and Fairtrade Shea butter, with organic Lavender and Roman Chamomile essential oils added to protect and soothe. Because of its light formulation based on natural oils, Bumfluff is easily absorbed by the skin and is incredibly nourishing. The balm still forms a protective barrier, protecting skin from wetness, but unlike commercial creams it allows the skin to breathe. All of this makes Bumfluff Organic Nappy Balm much more suitable for use with cloth nappies, and our real nappy-using customers have told us how pleased they are to have found a balm which is cloth-friendly. Let's hear it for fluffy bums everywhere!