Cradle Cap: How natural oils can help


What is cradle cap?head


Cradle cap, or infantile seborrhoeic dermatitis, is a skin condition that occurs on the scalps of young babies, presenting as yellow, greasy, scaly patches of skin. It is very common, and usually begins to show at some point in the first three months after a baby is born and may continue into toddlerhood. 



It is thought that cradle cap occurs as a result of the traces of hormones left in a baby's body from its mother after birth. The effects of these hormones may over stimulate the sebaceous glands, leading them to produce more sebum (oil) than is needed. This causes dead skin cells, which would normally simply fall off, to stick to the skin and form a crust.


How can I help my little one?


Whilst cradle cap should not itch or cause discomfort to your baby, it is unsightly and most of us want to help keep our little monkey's skin as healthy as possible. Regularly washing your baby's scalp with a very mild, natural baby shampoo will help to gradually reduce the build-up of dead skin cells. Try to avoid chemical-laden shampoos as these can be very harsh and drying and may be counter-productive in that the drying effect may serve only to stimulate greater sebum production.  


Using a natural oil to massage into your baby's scalp will help to soften and loosen the flakes, making them easier to remove gently with a soft brush. Avoid picking at flakes which do not come away easily as you may make the area sore and open to infection. 


Our Rock the Cradle Organic Scalp Oil has been especially formulated for use on babies' scalps. Rock the Cradle contains organic safflower and sweet almond oils which nourish the skin, keeping it supple and helping to soften any flakes or crusts. Organic coconutolive and vitamin E oils all have regenerative properties, helping the skin to renew and restore itself and promoting natural healing. The organic geranium essential oil in our formulation is a multi-tasking superstar of an ingredient, and has many properties which are so beneficial for this condition. Geranium is an anti-inflammatory, helping to calm and reduce skin inflammation and irritation. It has anti-microbial properties, helping to reduce the risk of bacterial or fungal infections and speed the healing process. Most importantly, geranium can help to balance the action of hormones (it is commonly used to treat menopausal and menstrual complaints), thereby restoring a natural balance to the skin and helping to calm the production of sebum to normal, healthy levels. 


All these natural, nourishing ingredients are ideal for a gentle scalp massage which will not only aid cradle cap but be a soothing experience for you and your little one as well. Happy parents and gorgeous little monkeys all round!