Hayfever - Natural ways to help your little one.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015 11:51:20 Europe/London

Natural ways to help your little one's hay fever


Well summer is finally upon us, but these lovely sunny days bring with them much discomfort for hay fever sufferers. Whilst hay fever is more common in older children, it is still perfectly possible for babies and toddlers to have hay fever, and it is distressing to see our little monkeys suffer. However, there are some simple, natural ways in which you can help your little one if you think they may be affected in this way.


What is hay fever?

Hay fever, or seasonal allergic rhinitis, is officially an allergy to grass pollen, although tree pollen can also be a culprit. It occurs during the summer months, usually between May and October, with July and August being peak months for pollen levels. Pollen is released from grasses in the early morning, and travels up in the air on warm air currents, coming back down as the air cools in the early evening. For this reason the peak times of day for pollen levels are the early morning and early evening, as this is when the pollen surrounds us the most, and it is at its highest on warm, sunny days.


What are the symptoms?

The symptoms are the same for babies and toddlers as they are for adults, and may include itchy, watering eyes, sneezing and a runny nose which is clear and watery. Hay fever symptoms will occur at the same time every year on warm days during the summer months. If these symptoms are continuously present at other times of year it is more likely they are caused by an allergy to house dust mites or pet fur. Always see your GP if your little one has any symptoms, as it is important to have a correct diagnosis and to rule out the possibility of a virus or infection.


How can I help my little one?

  • Encouraging your child to wear sunglasses (preferably the wraparound type) and a hat with a wide brim will help to keep pollen away from the eyes and face.
  • Wash your little one's face and hands with cool water and change their clothes when they come back in from playing outside. If you are able to wash your child's hair at this point that will help too, but certainly wash it before bed to get rid of any lurking pollen.
  • Keep your windows closed at night and when travelling in the car.
  • You may wish to consider using an air filter inside your home to trap any pollen that has entered during the day.
  • Try not to hang your child's clothing outside to dry during days when the pollen count is high as pollen will cling to the damp fabric.
  • Using a nasal balm, one of the methods recommended by the NHS to reduce hay fever symptoms, can be really effective and our Bumfluff Organic Nappy Balm is ideal for this. It's not just for bums! Our multi-tasking balm can be smeared gently inside and around the nose and will help to trap pollen particles to prevent them from being inhaled. Unlike many commercially available balms, Bumfluff is completely natural and chemical-free, and as well as being effective against pollen it has the added benefit of soothing sore noses with its nourishing oils. The lavender and Roman chamomile essential oils in our original version will also help to calm a suffering little monkey too.


If you are a parent struggling with hay fever symptoms, Bumfluff is perfect for you to use as a nasal balm too. It is an ideal aid for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers who wish to stay away from hay fever medication, or for anyone wanting a completely natural product to use on sensitive noses. Let Organic Monkey help you through a sneeze-free summer!

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Top 10 Uses for Nappy Balm

Tuesday, 4 September 2012 13:26:28 Europe/London

Top Ten uses for Bumfluff Nappy Balm


Our multi award winning ‘Bumfluff’ Organic Nappy Balm is a mums everyday essential but, as we have discovered, it has a wealth of other uses too.


From our own experiences and those of you that have fed back, we know that our nappy balm not only keeps babies bum in peachy condition but is a fantastic multi functional aid for the whole family.


The Star Ingredients


  • Organic & Fairtrade Shea Butter - one of nature’s miracle ingredients, Shea is an excellent moisturiser, working deep in the skin helping to heal and nourish. Packed with vitamins A & E and with strong anti-inflammatory properties, Shea keeps skin healthy and leaves it feeling soft and smooth.


  • Organic Beeswax - creates a natural protective barrier for the skin, repelling water from the skin to keep baby’s bottom soft and dry. Also contains soothing and softening properties


  • Vitamin E  -this enriching oil energises and enhances the skin's natural regenerative processes. Suitable for all skin types it is incredibly nourishing and nutritive 


  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil - lavender has antibacterial and healing properties, making it perfect for sensitive skin.  It’s also well known for helping alleviate the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis


  • Organic Roman Chamomile Essential Oil - the gentlest form of chamomile, used for centuries to encourage relaxation and serenity as well as possessing pain relieving properties, perfect for calming the most stressful of little monkeys


We have compiled a list of the TOP 10 uses for our nappy balm:


1.  As an Effective Nappy Balm


Developed to naturally nourish and protect against conditions that may lead to nappy rash, a clever blend of organic ingredients create this rich, protective barrier for baby’s bottom. This highly effective balm contains Fairtrade Shea Butter, Beeswax and organic Lavender and Roman Chamomile essential oils which work to nourish, protect  and restore irritated areas whilst increasing the skins natural moisture retention capacity.  Also available unscented.  


2.  To Reduce Dribble Rash

Most babies dribble at some point in their first few years and dribbling normally increases during teething when more saliva is produced. Nappy balm can be used to provide a barrier between your baby’s chin and their dribble, which reduces the irritation causing the rash whilst also helping to moisturise and nourish the skin.


3.  To Nourish Dry Skin and Eczema Patches

With its gentle, organic blend of oils and Vitamin E content, nappy balm is great for nourishing dry skin and eczema without causing irritation. The organic lavender essential oil also aids healing and it is great for sensitive skin.


4.  A Moisturising Lip Balm

With its shea butter and beeswax content, nappy balm makes an effective lip balm, leaving lips super soft and moisturised.


5. To Soothe Sore Noses

Nappy balm is great for soothing rough, dry, sore skin around noses caused from wiping and blowing. Dabbing a small bit onto the affected area will help to relieve and moisturise.


6. To Combat Winter Buggy Hands

We have all experienced cold, chapped hands from pushing our prams and buggies in winter. Gloves are impossible and impractical with little ones so try rubbing some nappy balm into the backs of your hands to protect them from the elements and keep them soft and moisturised


7. To Soothe Grazes

Use nappy balm to help soothe small grazes. With it’s natural blend of organic oils and vitamin E content, it will soothe and nourish damaged skin.


8. To Moisturize Knees & Elbows

Knees and elbows can have the roughest and driest skin on the entire human body. Soften the whole families with an intensely moisturising treatment of nappy balm.


9. A Nourishing Eye Cream

For tired, dehydrated skin around the eyes, dab on a bit of nappy balm. It soothes the area as well as moisturizes.


10. To Lubricate Zips

And a bit more random to finish…..the next time one of your kids zips gets stuck, try rubbing some nappy balm on it and the natural oils will help lubricate it to run more smoothly.


‘Bumfluff’ Organic Nappy Balm costs £10.50 for 50ml.  Available at www.organicmonkey.co.uk and leading independent baby stores nationwide or call 01273 903975 for customer care.

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