What is Colic?


Colic can be defined as bouts of inconsolable, prolonged crying lasting three hours or more, several times a week, in an otherwise healthy baby who is feeding well. It occurs more often in the late afternoon and evening, and your baby may arch their back or pull their legs up towards their tummy. The cause of colic is not yet fully understood, although a possible cause is trapped wind or indigestion causing pain in the gut which is still maturing. Colic occurs equally in both girls and boys and in breast and bottle fed babies, and usually disappears by six months, probably as the digestive system matures.


Is There Anything That Can Help?


If you suspect your baby might have colic, it is important to seek a diagnosis from your GP so that the possibility of any other conditions can be ruled out. Once diagnosed, there is no real “cure” for colic but there are things you can do to help relieve your baby’s symptoms:


*Cuddling or wearing your baby in a sling may help to comfort them.

*Try to keep baby in a more upright position when feeding in order to minimise the swallowing of air.

*Always “burp” baby after a feed.

*A warm bath, with water covering the tummy can be soothing.

*Gently massaging baby’s tummy can be calming and comforting but most importantly may ease the passage of trapped wind in the intestine.


Baby Massage for Colic


Gentle massage on baby’s tummy is recommended by both the NHS and colic support charity Cry-sis as one of the things that may bring relief to colicky babies. As well as helping symptoms, the calming and bonding experience of massaging your baby can have a really beneficial effect on both of you.


  • Before you begin, make sure your hands are clean and warm and that baby is safe and comfortable, perhaps on a soft towel on the floor.
  • Place some oil on your hands and rub together.
  • When massaging baby’s tummy, use soft, gentle strokes working in a clockwise direction. This is important as it follows the natural movement of the intestines and may help to move along, in the correct direction, wind or poo which may be causing discomfort.
  • Gently bringing baby’s legs up towards their tummy and holding for a few seconds is a good move to perform after this as it can further help the passage of wind through the intestines.


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