Soul singer Mica Paris is doing her bit for marginalized farmers in the developing world this summer, and wants you to as well. She’s on a mission to get us to change what we put on our skin and choose from a growing range of Fairtrade certified beauty products.


From lipsticks to lotions, mascara to moisturisers, massage oils to nappy balms, it’s never been easier to pamper yourself with Fairtrade to feel good and look good. Over 160 beauty products from 16 companies now carry the FAIRTRADE Mark.

Ever since Mica Paris travelled with the Fairtrade Foundation to Kerala, southern India, to learn more about how Fairtrade helps communities who produce the ingredients which go into our beauty products, she looks for Fairtrade creams and lotions. Her favourites are the body butters.

‘We’re so spoilt in the UK. We just buy a range of products without really thinking what’s in them or how they are made. While some people are making a bigger effort to buy more cosmetics with natural and Fairtrade ingredients, we could all try a little hard in reality.

‘Choosing a Fairtrade option really is the way forward. Not only does it mean a fair wage and a better standard of living for those on the poverty line, it means that women are putting natural products on their skin. It’s a win-win situation.’

Mica herself is the perfect advert for natural, sustainable products and puts her youthful appearance down to good food, plenty of exercise and a regular skincare regime. Here are some of Mica’s favorite Fairtrade beauty products:


• Organic Monkey Hello Mellow baby massage oil.  Contains olive oil from Palestine.  £12.00


• Fair Trade Invigorating Walnut Body Scrub with verbena extract which gently exfoliates the skin to leave it feeling soft and nourished. Contains Fairtrade ingredients from a range of countries. £3.00 

• Boots Mango Body Butter for a soft outer skin, just like a mango.  Part of a full extracts range and gift pack, such as a zesty, fruity mango body wash.  Contains mango (extract) from Burkino Faso and shea butter and almond oil from Pakistan.  £7.92


• Original Source Cranberry Body Scrub to smooth over all the rough bits.  Contains honey from Chile.  £


• Lemon Lip Balm from Visionary Soap for plump, pucker up shimmer lips.  Contains organic shea butter from Ghana and olive oil from Palestine.   £3.25


• Essential Care Fairtrade and organically certified make up (eye line pencil and lipsticks) for a perfect summer makeover.   The first make-up range containing Fairtrade ingredients.   Contains shea butter from Ghana.  Eye pencils £12.50, lipsticks £18.00


• Neal’s Yard Remedies Power Berry face mask and daily moisturiser. Contains Roobois extract from South Africa amongst other ingredients!  Face mask - £24.50 and daily moisturiser - £22.50