Cradle Cap: How natural oils can help

Monday, 27 July 2015 11:19:55 Europe/London

Cradle Cap: How natural oils can help


What is cradle cap?head


Cradle cap, or infantile seborrhoeic dermatitis, is a skin condition that occurs on the scalps of young babies, presenting as yellow, greasy, scaly patches of skin. It is very common, and usually begins to show at some point in the first three months after a baby is born and may continue into toddlerhood. 



It is thought that cradle cap occurs as a result of the traces of hormones left in a baby's body from its mother after birth. The effects of these hormones may over stimulate the sebaceous glands, leading them to produce more sebum (oil) than is needed. This causes dead skin cells, which would normally simply fall off, to stick to the skin and form a crust.


How can I help my little one?


Whilst cradle cap should not itch or cause discomfort to your baby, it is unsightly and most of us want to help keep our little monkey's skin as healthy as possible. Regularly washing your baby's scalp with a very mild, natural baby shampoo will help to gradually reduce the build-up of dead skin cells. Try to avoid chemical-laden shampoos as these can be very harsh and drying and may be counter-productive in that the drying effect may serve only to stimulate greater sebum production.  


Using a natural oil to massage into your baby's scalp will help to soften and loosen the flakes, making them easier to remove gently with a soft brush. Avoid picking at flakes which do not come away easily as you may make the area sore and open to infection.  


Our Rock the Cradle Organic Scalp Oil has been especially formulated for use on babies' scalps. Rock the Cradle contains organic safflower and sweet almond oils which nourish the skin, keeping it supple and helping to soften any flakes or crusts. Organic coconut, olive and vitamin E oils all have regenerative properties, helping the skin to renew and restore itself and promoting natural healing. The organic geranium essential oil in our formulation is a multi-tasking superstar of an ingredient, and has many properties which are so beneficial for this condition. Geranium is an anti-inflammatory, helping to calm and reduce skin inflammation and irritation. It has anti-microbial properties, helping to reduce the risk of bacterial or fungal infections and speed the healing process. Most importantly, geranium can help to balance the action of hormones (it is commonly used to treat menopausal and menstrual complaints), thereby restoring a natural balance to the skin and helping to calm the production of sebum to normal, healthy levels. 


All these natural, nourishing ingredients are ideal for a gentle scalp massage which will not only aid cradle cap but be a soothing experience for you and your little one as well. Happy parents and gorgeous little monkeys all round! 

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Teething: How Organic Oils can Help

Monday, 18 May 2015 09:28:25 Europe/London

Teething: How Organic Oils can Help


The teething process can be a trying time for both babies and parents alike. Your cheerful little monkey suddenly turns into Mr. Cranky Pants, and the little angel who has finally started to sleep through the night may start to wake again, several times, from the pain of it all. Not much fun for anyone!


For this reason, and because we have been there (twice!), we formulated our Cheeky Monkey Organic Cheek Rub for Teething specifically to help with this painful process. We took a long time researching and sourcing the most beneficial and effective organic ingredients in order to produce a product to help alleviate the symptoms of teething in a safe, natural way. We'd love to share with you the reasons why these amazing oils are so beneficial and how their fantastic properties won them a place on Cheeky Monkey's ingredients list:


Organic Arnica Essential Oil

Arnica has been used traditionally to treat bruises and sprains for many years, and this is largely owing to its ability to reduce swelling and inflammation and thereby aid the healing process. It stimulates the flow of white blood cells, which in turn helps to disperse trapped fluid and congestion from inflamed areas and bruised tissue. Arnica also helps to relieve pain and aching sensations, and for these reasons it is a valuable tool for alleviating the symptoms of teething.


Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and analgesic (pain relieving) properties, which is fantastic news for the sore, swollen gums associated with teething. In addition it has mild sedative properties which can be helpful to calm a fractious baby or to aid restful sleep. Lavender is incredibly soothing and safe to use on the youngest and most sensitive of skins, and its many healing properties make it one of the superstars of the essential oil world.


Organic Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

This gentle, soothing oil is incredibly calming and relaxing, making it an invaluable ingredient in our Cheeky Monkey Organic Cheek Rub for Teething. Roman Chamomile is known to help ease neuralgic pain by relieving swelling in affected nerves and blood vessels, a great help against painful teething symptoms.


Organic Spearmint Essential Oil

There is archaeological evidence to indicate that spearmint has been used for thousands of years, and it was used in Ancient Greece to help heal both mouth sores and toothache. This is probably because spearmint has not only anti-bacterial but anti-inflammatory properties, and has an analgesic and mild anaesthetic effect. Spearmint is much safer and gentler than peppermint, whilst still possessing the same beneficial qualities, which is why we chose it as being suitable for use on delicate skin. This amazing oil can also help to relax nerves and muscles, and lift mood by reducing stress.


In our Cheeky Monkey Organic Cheek Rub for Teething, we use these essential oils in a base of organic olive, sunflower and sweet almond oils which all have soothing, nourishing properties and are easily absorbed by the skin. Cheeky Monkey is used by applying a few drops externally to the cheeks and gently rubbing in. The result...a naturally soothed little monkey and a calmer you!

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The Benefits of Essential Oils

Friday, 10 April 2015 20:23:43 Europe/London

The Benefits of Essential Oils


Essential oils are concentrated, aromatic liquids extracted from plants, usually by distillation. They have been used for thousands of years, dating back at least to the Mesopotamians in 3,500 BC. The amazing properties of essential oils were recognised by the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans who used them for medicinal, cosmetic and religious purposes. The numerous health benefits of these natural oils are still very much recognised today and they are ideal for use in skincare.


At Organic Monkey, the essential oils we use in our products come from organically grown plants, ensuring an extremely pure and high quality oil. We have carefully sourced and researched the best essential oils to use in our baby skincare products, taking into consideration the special needs of babies' delicate skin. When formulating our products, we chose certain oils for their specific benefits, and would like to share some of these with you:



This calming and relaxing oil is great for balancing the production of sebum, helping to control the skin's natural oils while still keeping it supple. For this reason we have added it to our Rock the Cradle Organic Scalp Oil.



Our organic lavender oil is sourced from the fields of Provence, and is one of our favourite oils, not only for its amazing scent but for its fantastic properties. It has antibacterial and skin-healing properties, making it a useful aid for relieving eczema and psoriasis symptoms, and is suitable for the most sensitive of skins. It also has a relaxing effect on the body and mind, promoting restful sleep.



 Distilled from orange blossom, neroli oil has the most incredible smell. It has relaxing and anti-spasmodic properties which can aid digestion, and for this reason we have used it in our Belly Bright Organic Tummy Oil to help relieve aching little tummies.


Roman Chamomile 

This relaxing oil also has pain-relieving properties, and is ultra-calming for both skin and mood. Roman Chamomile is the mildest and gentlest type of chamomile making it especially suitable for use on babies' delicate skin.



This oil is renowned for relieving aches and pains, as well as for its antiseptic properties, and for this reason we have used it as one of the key ingredients in our Cheeky Monkey Organic Cheek Rub for Teething. Its stimulating properties also help to uplift mood and reduce stress, a must for any teething little monkey.


Sweet Orange 

This happiness-inducing oil, cold pressed from the peel of the fruit, helps to soothe the mind and promote restful sleep. It is also fantastic for the skin, helping to soothe and heal dry skin conditions.


We have loved our journey researching and blending essential oils and using them as key ingredients of our organic and fairtrade skincare range. We hope you enjoy using them on your little monkeys and experiencing the fantastic natural benefits these amazing oils have to offer!

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The Importance of a Baby Massage as part of the Bedtime Routine

Monday, 24 March 2014 10:11:51 Europe/London

The importance of a bedtime routine and time for relaxation and calm for babies cannot be underestimated.

Our latest blog post is written by the fantastic Lucy Jones, a paediatric sleep specialist and certified Gentle Sleep Coach. She is the founder of Love Mornings which offers tailored sleep solutions to tired families throughout the UK.  massage

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Beauty expert, Grace Timothy, has contributed to a variety of titles including; Vogue,, Red, Company, Zest, Brides and was Acting Beauty Editor of Glamour until her baby, Emie Rae was born in September 2012. Now she juggles her former beauty editor lifestyle with teething rings, damp muslins and a tower of nappies. The Pregnant Beauty Guide is Grace’s new blog, full of myth-busting tips & tricks for hot baby mamas.  Read on for Grace’s wonderful review of our Hello Mellow Massage Oil…

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Top 10 Monkey Themed Christmas Gifts

Thursday, 13 December 2012 11:49:00 Europe/London

Now you know we love all things monkey related here at Organic Monkey HQ so we have sourced the Top 10 Monkey Gifts for your little chimps this Christmas.


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Top 10 Uses for Nappy Balm

Tuesday, 4 September 2012 13:26:28 Europe/London

Top Ten uses for Bumfluff Nappy Balm


Our multi award winning ‘Bumfluff’ Organic Nappy Balm is a mums everyday essential but, as we have discovered, it has a wealth of other uses too.


From our own experiences and those of you that have fed back, we know that our nappy balm not only keeps babies bum in peachy condition but is a fantastic multi functional aid for the whole family.


The Star Ingredients


  • Organic & Fairtrade Shea Butter - one of nature’s miracle ingredients, Shea is an excellent moisturiser, working deep in the skin helping to heal and nourish. Packed with vitamins A & E and with strong anti-inflammatory properties, Shea keeps skin healthy and leaves it feeling soft and smooth.


  • Organic Beeswax - creates a natural protective barrier for the skin, repelling water from the skin to keep baby’s bottom soft and dry. Also contains soothing and softening properties


  • Vitamin E  -this enriching oil energises and enhances the skin's natural regenerative processes. Suitable for all skin types it is incredibly nourishing and nutritive 


  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil - lavender has antibacterial and healing properties, making it perfect for sensitive skin.  It’s also well known for helping alleviate the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis


  • Organic Roman Chamomile Essential Oil - the gentlest form of chamomile, used for centuries to encourage relaxation and serenity as well as possessing pain relieving properties, perfect for calming the most stressful of little monkeys


We have compiled a list of the TOP 10 uses for our nappy balm:


1.  As an Effective Nappy Balm


Developed to naturally nourish and protect against conditions that may lead to nappy rash, a clever blend of organic ingredients create this rich, protective barrier for baby’s bottom. This highly effective balm contains Fairtrade Shea Butter, Beeswax and organic Lavender and Roman Chamomile essential oils which work to nourish, protect  and restore irritated areas whilst increasing the skins natural moisture retention capacity.  Also available unscented.  


2.  To Reduce Dribble Rash

Most babies dribble at some point in their first few years and dribbling normally increases during teething when more saliva is produced. Nappy balm can be used to provide a barrier between your baby’s chin and their dribble, which reduces the irritation causing the rash whilst also helping to moisturise and nourish the skin.


3.  To Nourish Dry Skin and Eczema Patches

With its gentle, organic blend of oils and Vitamin E content, nappy balm is great for nourishing dry skin and eczema without causing irritation. The organic lavender essential oil also aids healing and it is great for sensitive skin.


4.  A Moisturising Lip Balm

With its shea butter and beeswax content, nappy balm makes an effective lip balm, leaving lips super soft and moisturised.


5. To Soothe Sore Noses

Nappy balm is great for soothing rough, dry, sore skin around noses caused from wiping and blowing. Dabbing a small bit onto the affected area will help to relieve and moisturise.


6. To Combat Winter Buggy Hands

We have all experienced cold, chapped hands from pushing our prams and buggies in winter. Gloves are impossible and impractical with little ones so try rubbing some nappy balm into the backs of your hands to protect them from the elements and keep them soft and moisturised


7. To Soothe Grazes

Use nappy balm to help soothe small grazes. With it’s natural blend of organic oils and vitamin E content, it will soothe and nourish damaged skin.


8. To Moisturize Knees & Elbows

Knees and elbows can have the roughest and driest skin on the entire human body. Soften the whole families with an intensely moisturising treatment of nappy balm.


9. A Nourishing Eye Cream

For tired, dehydrated skin around the eyes, dab on a bit of nappy balm. It soothes the area as well as moisturizes.


10. To Lubricate Zips

And a bit more random to finish…..the next time one of your kids zips gets stuck, try rubbing some nappy balm on it and the natural oils will help lubricate it to run more smoothly.


‘Bumfluff’ Organic Nappy Balm costs £10.50 for 50ml.  Available at and leading independent baby stores nationwide or call 01273 903975 for customer care.

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We won silver!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012 09:37:43 Europe/London

We are delighted to announce that our Belly Better Tummy Oil has just won a silver award from Bizziebaby - the website designed intentially for all mums and dads looking for the best, in depth product reviews online.

bizziebaby logo

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Celebrity status - Mica Paris a fan of our Hello Mellow massage oil.

Thursday, 28 June 2012 11:32:44 Europe/London

Soul singer Mica Paris is doing her bit for marginalized farmers in the developing world this summer, and wants you to as well. She’s on a mission to get us to change what we put on our skin and choose from a growing range of Fairtrade certified beauty products.

Micha Paris

From lipsticks to lotions, mascara to moisturisers, massage oils to nappy balms, it’s never been easier to pamper yourself with Fairtrade to feel good and look good. Over 160 beauty products from 16 companies now carry the FAIRTRADE Mark.

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Fairtrade Fortnight

Tuesday, 28 February 2012 11:35:16 Europe/London

take a stepFairtrade Fortnight is in full swing and we have already received a great deal of press coverage for our events and activities. Our award winning Bumfluff Nappy Balm was featured in The Independent yesterday and our Relieving Trio of oils was part of the Fairtrade focus in The Metro last Thursday.

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Organic Monkey and 2012

Friday, 30 December 2011 13:32:58 Europe/London

We are really looking forward to the New Year. With so many positive changes at the Organic Monkey HQ and lots of ideas floating around in the formulating room, we should be set to expand not only our range but our work force in early 2012.

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