Cradle Cap in Babies: Understanding the Natural Condition and How to Treat It

Cradle cap is a common condition in babies characterised by yellowy/brown, greasy or dry scales of skin on babies heads and is an unsightly and unwelcome addition to your little monkeys scalp. But don’t fret, there are safe and effective ways to treat it using organic ingredients.

It’s medical name is infantile seborrheic dermatitis and it is a very common and harmless condition that affects mainly young babies, usually lasting a couple of months and generally clearing by the age of three. It is not itchy and generally doesn’t cause any discomfort .

Although the cause of cradle cap is still somewhat unclear many experts believe that it is caused by the hormones a baby receives from their mother at the end of the pregnancy which can over stimulate the oil producing sebaceous glands in their skin.

There are a couple of things that you can do to combat this condition:

  • Gently massage the scalp with organic oils. Warm up a small amount of our Rock the Cradle Scalp Oil and massage it into your baby’s scalp. Let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour to allow the oil to soak in and soften the scales. Then, gently remove with a soft brush to wash cloth
  • Washing your baby’s hair with a mild, chemical-free, baby-friendly organic shampoo, (but not too often) can help prevent a build-up of the scales..

N.B. Never pick the affected area as this can lead to redness and soreness as well as an irritated little baby

Rock the Cradle Scalp Oil is a gentle, moisturising blend of organic oils to relieve dryness and help to soften and loosen crusty skin with organic geranium essential oil (great for helping to restore skins natural balance).

The Star Actives

  • Organic Geranium essential oil – balances the production of sebum to restore skins natural balance.
  • Organic Coconut oil – a key ingredient for its ability to heal and regenerate the skin
  • Organic Safflower oil – excellent source of essential fatty acids and is good for all skin conditions.
  • Vitamin E – enhances the skin’s natural regenerative processes and protects skin cells
  • Organic Sweet Almond oil – its gentle and nourishing properties leave skin soft and supple.

“I used Organic Monkey scalp oil on my daughters head as everything else I had bought from chemists had failed. All the dry, flaky skin was gone within 3 applications and still hasn’t returned a month later – I am seriously impressed.”

Kerry, Beths Mum

A beautiful, gentle oil that was really effective as loosening all the dry scaly bits on my son’s scalp – smells gorgeous too.

Clarissa - Zachs mum

This oil smells wonderful and worked wonders on my daughters scalp.

Zoe P